GoldCRM CRM Logistics™ Features
  • Complete logistics solution to provide logistics personnel with powerful tools for meeting today’s tough parts demands
  • Real-time inventory lookups extend the view of inventory to key personnel throughout your organization
  • Color coded Part Request Dashboard provides a single view of customers’ demand for parts, the availability of inventory on hand
    for each part request, and automates the fulfillment of requests.
  • Integrated SLA management helps logistics personnel prioritize
    part request processing insuring adherence to customer
  • Flexible inventory location setup including inventory rollups allows for modeling your company’s inventory locations and mapping back to the GL
  • Part stocking levels and auto-replenishment insure the right parts in the right locations to meet organizational needs
  • Flexible order types and state transitions streamline complex processes such as return materials authorization, advance exchange, repair and return, and depot repair
  • Closed loop processes facilitate the movement of parts from warehouses to offices, offices to engineers, engineers to customers and customers back to the warehouse
  • Automatic cycle count generation reduces the overhead associated with keeping track of inventory and performing physical inventories
  • Depot Repair module simplifies the repair and return or repair and restock processes by allowing depot engineers to record labor and materials used in repair, upgrade of parts, and de-manufacture of parts into subassemblies for restocking
  • Seamless integration with Contact Center and Dispatch Advisor™ provide front line agents and dispatchers visibility into inventory on hand and empowers them to provide the right parts and people every time
  • Seamless integration with Reporting Advisor™ provides the ability to analyze parts usage trends to insure appropriate stocking levels and reduce on hand inventory