GoldCRM’s Reporting Advisor™ provides powerful, dynamic, actionable information that enables service organizations to monitor critical business processes and automatically notify responsible parties when corrective action is required. Users can design, explore and visualize information in an interactive web-based reporting workspace or interact with them directly within the Service Management System (SMS) or any other corporate website. Report generation and administration occurs within the graphical point-and-click query builder and administration toolkit. Reporting Advisor™ allows administrators to control the amount and type of information that is shared with users while still allowing them to explore data and save personalized versions of their reports, thus reducing dependency on IT and developers. Reporting Advisor™ comes loaded with a suite of pre-defined service reports that enable service businesses to measure and analyze critical service processes in order to reduce costs and increase revenue.

  • Interactive web-based reporting embedded within the Service Management System
  • Intuitive user interface allows end users to save personalized versions of their reports
  • Role-based report distribution and security insures the right users have access to the right information
  • Actionable analytics notify appropriate parties to take action when processes go out of bounds
  • Point-and-click report builder reduces time required to generate new reports
  • Suite of pre-defined service reports facilitate measurement and analysis of critical processes