CRM Logistics™ Business Benefits

Increased Revenue

  • Reduce on hand inventory
  • Streamline inventory management processes
  • Flexible part pricing capabilities
  • Automate RMA processes
  • Get the job done right, the first time, every time
  • Increase service contract renewals

Increased Customer Satisfaction

  • Increase availability of desired parts
  • Reduce parts stock outs
  • Improve customer service level attainment rates
  • Improve front line agent communication of parts availability
  • Insure the right parts and people every time

Increased Operating Efficiency

  • Decrease the likelihood of stock outs while minimizing inventory on hand
  • Streamline complex logistics processes
  • Real time accurate visibility to inventory on hand and status of all part requests
  • Extend visibility of real time inventory beyond the logistics organization
  • Increase SLA Compliance

Reduced Costs

  • Streamline and automate complex logistics processes
  • Increase parts availability
  • Reduce contractual penalties
  • Improve procurement and repair processes
  • Optimize replenishment of spare part