Customer Service

GoldCRM’s CRM Support™ module provides agents with the ability to quickly identify callers and establish appropriate entitlement. Agents have access to contract information, site configuration, and interaction history which allows the agent to promptly solve customer issues. Solutions to common problems and decision making scripts are available to increase first call resolution.
Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are automatically calculated and provide automatic escalation and status of open issues. Should a field dispatch be required, CRM Support™ seamlessly integrates with Dispatch Advisor™ to identify the appropriate field resource and schedule the appointment in real time with the customer. If a customer replaceable part is required, CRM Support™ integrates seamlessly with CRM Logistics™ to show agents the availability of parts and quickly place orders. CRM Support™ provides agents with the tools to provide customers the solutions they demand.

  • Empower agents with contract, site configuration, and interaction history
  • Solve customer issues on the first call through the use of Intelligent solutions
  • Monitor customer commitments through automatic SLA generation
  • Manage workflow of complex issues
  • Provide parts or service appointment information in real time
  • Notify agents and managers of upcoming customer commitments via automated business rules