GoldCRM’s CRM Logistics™ module provides logistics personnel with powerful tools to manage the wide variety of demands they face. Logistics managers have a real time view of all inventory on hand whether it is stored in centralized warehouses, district offices or rolling around in service engineer trucks. Inventory can be priced and costed in various currencies and also priced utilizing time-phased pricing which allows for flexible marketing programs. Seamless integration with the reporting module allows for analysis of parts usage trends and the setting of appropriate stocking and replenishment levels.
Auto replenishment insures that the appropriate parts are always on hand to meet customer needs. The use of flexible state transitions enforces business specific workflow based on the type of request being processed which provides security and adherence to business policies. The Logistics module simplifies complex processes such as Advance Exchange, Repair and Return, and Return Materials Authorization.

  • Empower logistics personnel with real time view of inventory on hand across the organization
  • Analyze parts usage trends to set appropriate stocking levels
  • Auto Replenishment insures parts are where they need to be to best meet customer demands
  • Closed loop process streamlines the procurement of materials, shipping of parts to customers, maintaining field engineer truck stock, and updating customer site configuration