GoldCRM’s Billing Advisor™ enables automatic generation of billing records for contract, ™, and parts sold based on the specific terms and conditions defined in the contract for each customer. Billing Advisor™; allows contracts to be set up with variable labor rates, parts prices, travel reimbursement rates, expense markups and event charges. The system supports a variety of billing scenarios from annuity contracts to extended warranties to ™ labor to pre-purchased service packs. Billing can be calculated immediately upon completion of service or held until the monthly or quarterly billing cycle. Rollup and consolidated invoice settings allow for customized invoice generation on a customer by customer basis. Integrated financial management makes it easy to monitor monthly invoicing processes, as well as analyze overall contract profitability, total billings, revenue earned, work in progress, and service costs on a customer by customer basis. Invoices and journal entries are automatically created to support revenue recognition and integration with back-end financial AR and GL systems. Additional functionality for supporting partner payables enables automatic generation of outbound payment records when service is performed by 3rd party service providers.

  • Fully track GL transactions for your entire service business
  • Create outgoing invoices and payables records for time, expenses, parts and contract charges
  • Consolidate invoices across multiple contracts
  • Provide service estimates to customers while on-site
  • Integrates with any financial system for AR, AP and GL