GoldCRM Billing Advisor™ Features
  • Automatically calculates charges for labor, expenses, parts, event charges and contract annuities based on configurable contract parameters
  • Labor Price Books and Pricing Matrix support pricing with contract, customer, territory or market specific adjustments, overrides, discounts, uplifts, fees, labor rates and expenses
  • Support for multiple billing frequencies and cycles including monthly, quarterly, annual, semi-annual, fiscal month and fiscal year – in advance or in arrears
  • Automatic generation of financial schedules for order booking, invoicing, revenue recognition and warranty reserve per contract
  • Support for full or partial period billings, mid-term contract adjustments and cancellations
  • Calculation of charges for duration based and pay per use scenarios
  • Capture both revenue and cost related data for easy analysis and reporting of contract profitability
  • Automatically prepares invoice line items and billing headers for export to AR systems
  • Provides estimates of service charges to customers while on-site for pre-approval before service delivery
  • Configurable roll-up parameters allow each customer to specify the desired level of detail on their invoices
  • Support for tax calculations based on stored tax rates or using web based tax services
  • Data mapping capabilities enable generation of GL entries including AR (sales, taxes, etc), AP (3rd party services, expense reimbursements), Inventory, COGS, WIP, Revenue Recognition and Warranty Reserve
  • Automatic summation of like transactions resulting in consolidated journal entries for export to GL systems