Billing Advisor™ Business Benefits

Increased Revenue

  • Improve accuracy of invoices
  • Shorten billing and collection cycles
  • Reduce improper or lost Time and Materials billing data
  • Reduce payment delays
  • Easily identify most profitable contracts and customers

Increased Customer Satisfaction

  • Reduce customer billing disputes through more accurate invoicing
  • Provide service estimates while on-site (with optional Wireless Advisor™ module)
  • Customer specific invoice formats and detail levels
  • Customer specific invoice frequency

Increased Operating Efficiency

  • Automatic generation of time and expense reports
  • Improved contract profitability through reporting
  • Automatic generation of invoices and service related journal entries

Reduced Costs

  • Decrease billing and collection efforts
  • Reduce payment delays due to incorrect invoices
  • Improve accuracy of payables calculations to 3rd party service providers