GoldCRM’s Dispatch Advisor™ schedules and assigns service orders to technicians, taking into account the customer's entitlement and preferences, priority of the problem, technician skills, trunk stock, job location and route coverage and other fully-configurable parameters. Scheduling of appointments and assignment of resources can be optimized based on route and processed manually or automatically. Dispatch functionality includes the ability to order and/or ship needed parts directly to a customer site and automatically coordinate their arrival with that of the technician for installation. The dispatching methodology uses a cost based, data driven approach that ensures consistency between schedules and flexibility for dynamically changing parameters to reflect real-life situations. Dispatch Advisor™ enables dispatchers to easily optimize the dispatching of technicians in real-time in order to ensure that customer service levels are met every time.

  • Automatically assign the right technician with the right qualifications and the right parts at the right time
  • Optimized real-time and batch scheduling
  • Integrated SLA management and fulfillment
  • Customer appointment bookings
  • Street-level route optimization using Microsoft MapPoint
  • Advanced Dispatch Board job monitoring tool