GoldCRM Dispatch Advisor™ Features
  • Automated real-time scheduling – simultaneously considers: location, skills, certifications, employee schedules, customer preferences, trunk stock levels, parts availability, and Customer service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Automated, optimized, real-time re-scheduling based on current conditions and Street level optimized routing with turn-by-turn driving directions using Microsoft MapPoint.
  • Support for all service types – SLA Scheduling, Preventative Maintenance, Installations, Projects, Break/Fix and Emergencies.
  • Support for multiple dispatch types – Manual, Automated, Group Dispatch, Drip-Feed, and Customer Requested Appointments.
  • Optimized real-time and batch scheduling.
  • Supports streamlined service execution with intelligent templates designed to automatically create and manage tasks associated with jobs and based on contract terms and job types.
  • Provides support for complex dependencies between assignments on the same job such as “Immediately After, Same Resource”.
  • Automatically create and schedule future appointments for preventative maintenance
  • Advanced Dispatch Board control gives dispatch personnel insight into technicians’ schedules, proactive notification of jobs at risk and allows for easy viewing and updating of job activity
  • Supports “Dispatch it and Forget it” workflow so that service jeopardy situations are brought to the attention of agents before SLAs are missed.
  • Integrated knowledgebase system enables predefined solutions to be accurately applied to recurring service situations.