Partner Portal

GoldCRM’s Partner Portal™ is an easy to use web portal designed to integrate third party service partners seamlessly into your service operations. Working in conjunction with Dispatch Advisor™, Partner Portal™ allows service organizations to intelligently dispatch to third party partners when conditions merit, and allows third party partners to work the assignments as if they were a part of your own organization. Partner Portal™ allows users to log time and expenses, activities, tasks completed and parts used. When completed, payment can be recorded and work orders closed. Partner Portal™ allows you to manage your service partners in either “Named Mode”, where the individual partner technicians are known and managed as named resources in the system, or “Virtual Mode”, where your partner’s capacity is modeled using “virtual” resources. Either way, Partner Portal™ gives you the power to manage your partner network seamlessly and cost effectively.

  • Automatically assign the right partner resource with the right qualifications and the right parts at the right time
  • Optimize the use of third party partners
  • Monitor SLA performanceEnable partners to record task completion information
  • Supports “named” and “virtual” modes of partner management
  • Gather partner performance information to enable grading of partner performance metrics.