CRM Contracts™ Features
  • Automates entitlement verifications, making sure that customers receive services levels they’ve actually purchased
  • Applies flexible contract discounts, including adjustments to current contracts, lets you offer the type of contracts your customers are most likely to purchase
  • Offers a real-time integrated view of automatically generated SLA targets, a history of SLA related events, and jeopardy status based on contractual entitlement for each service order
  • Supports the definition of complex SLAs for a service contract, including “Duration” based, “Next X Business Day(s)” based, and the use of cut-off times, coverage hours and holiday schedules
  • Define and track Partner contractual obligations
  • Supports individual product contract coverage and entire site based contract services, including contracts that cover multiple products and/or sites
  • Define SLAs for key business milestones, such as “Callback”, “On-Site” and “Repair”
  • Automatically create and schedule future appointments for preventative maintenance based on contract terms
  • Define complex Labor Price Books for Time and Materials services to customers and for Partner obligations – in any currency
  • Automated contract renewal notification
  • Support for time-based or unit-based services
  • Contract templates can be created and used for easy contract creation
  • Billing intervals, durations and invoicing terms can be customized for each contract