GoldCRM Reporting Advisor™ Features
  • Interactive web based/embedded reporting toolkit provides users with real-time, dynamic, actionable information

  • Role based data security and report distribution insures the right users have the right information and sensitive data is protected from unauthorized users

  • Powerful end-user reporting tools allow data consumers to explore and visualize their data; reducing the need for IT organizations to create custom reports

  • Data visualization toolkit empowers data consumers to explore and drilldown through their reports in a variety of formats including graph, data view, dashboard, and geographical maps

  • Robust back office analytics server monitors key performance metrics and automatically takes actions such as email notification or custom script execution when processes are outside pre-defined thresholds

  • Flexible web architecture and customer-centric data security protocol extends reporting capabilities to customers and partners

  • Intuitive point and click report building toolkit reduces report generation time, allowing IT organizations to better meet demanding timelines

  • Integrated email server distributes scheduled or event driven reports to data consumers in a variety of standard formats including Excel, pdf, html, rtf, and text)

  • Mobile print server is fully integrated with Wireless Advisor empowering field users to print estimates, invoices, receipts, etc

  • Advanced Analytics package enables trending data to be captured on key metrics